Event 1:
Name of Event: Independence Day
Date of event: July 1, 1960
Description: On 1960 southern regions took its independence from Italy and unification with the former Italian Somaliland. Abdullahi Issa became president of Somalia.

Event 2:
Name of Event: Creation of the Somali Revolutionary Socialist Party
Date of event: Early 1971
Description: The first act of the SRC’s was to prohibit existence of any political association. They wanted to and the military regime and establish one-party state. Military influence increased along with the new government. The National Political Office was abolished when the SRSP was created.

Event 3:
Name of Event: Battle of Mogadishu
Date of event: October 3-4, 1993
Description: The war began after the U.S. attacked a safe house in Somalia that held elderly clan members of the Habr Gidr Clan.The War lasted for two days and about1000-1500 Somalia soldiers were killed. There were allegations that the Safe house contained members of the Al-Queda led by Osama Bin Laden.
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black hawk down
black hawk helicopter
black hawk helicopter

Event 4: The Ogaden War
Date of Event: 1977-1978
Description: A conflict with Ethiopia over the Ogaden region. The war ended when Somalis retreated and formed a truce. The Somali military was weakened by the war, after losing 1/3 of its men in battle. The war was fought because Somalia wanted to freeand reunite the countries that were divided under colonialism. external image 119951710_343c8dca3a.jpg?v=0

Event 5: Battle of Ras Kamboni
Date of Event: 2006-2007
Description: The U.S joined forces with Somalia and Kenya to fight Ethiopian troops who supported Al-Qaeda. On January 5, 2007 Somalia troops attacked Islamists groups and Ethiopian troops. Somalia captured the Islamic position after driving the Ethiopian troops into the forest.

Event 6: Second Battle of Mogadishu
Date of Event: Mid- February 2006
Description: The second Battle of Mogadishu was fought for the control of Mogadishu. The opposing forces were the Alliance for the Restoration of Peace and Counter-Terrorism and the militia of Islamic Court Union.