Burkina Faso History
Time Period: 1919
Separation from France

The Upper Volta became a seperate continent territory of French West Africa.

Time Period: 1947
Re - Establishment

The upper volta re - establised as a seperate territory within French West Africa.

Time Period: 1960

The Upper Volta becomes independent with Maurice Yamego as President.

Time Period: 1970
New Constitution

New Constitution approved in a national referundum allows humizana to remain in power until 1975, when he would be replaced by an elected president; General Ouedrago appointed prime minister.

Time Period: 1992
Return to Democracy

Campaores Organization for popular Democracy - Labor movement wins a majority of seats in the 1st multi-party parliamentary elections since 1978.

Time Period: 2000
Weapon Smuggling

Govt. agrees to set up UN-run body to monitor weapons import after allegations that it had been involved in smuggling arms to rebels in Sierra Leone & Angola.