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Current Event Research

Nigerian Rebels Seek Help from Clooney and Carter

Who: Nigerian Rebels [MEND], George Clooney, and Jimmy Carter

What: President Bush received a letter from a group of Nigerian rebels stating that they attacked two pipelines on Monday. Now these rebels are asking former President Carter and George Clooney to help solve issues in the oil-rich deltas.

When: April 21, 2008

Where: Lagos, Nigeria

Why: Nigerian rebels say the attack on the oil pipelines was in response to one of the arrest of one of their members, Henry Okah, who was arrested last year and according to local reports, is charged with treason.

You should know...
that due to this incident, gas prices will go up some more.

Environmental Issues

Pollution, Global Warming, Sickness, Diseases, and Viruses. Glowing_flame_of_flare_stack_burning_waste_gas_and_palm_trees,_night.jpg

What looks like a beautiful sunset night in Africa, is actually a glowing flame of a stack burning waste.


Most people know that Africa isn't the best places to live due to the many diseases one is able to receive there. As you can see in the photo above these women are retrieving water to take back home with them, but what you probably don't know is that this water more than likely is infected with a water-borne parasite. This guinea worm has resisted the many efforts people have given to eradicate it. This parasite lies its eggs in water and once is ingested, the eggs hatch into long worms that can be real painful and hard to remove.

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